how long does it take to print my prints?

It depends.  Introduction Service often takes 48 hours, Quick Prints takes 24-48hrs.  If we have time, we will print as soon as possible, but if you are very much in need of immediate service, a rush charge may be incurred.

How much is the rush charge?

Rush charges are 25%

i have a small file - how large can i blow it up?

This is a question we're asked very often.  

It's difficult to answer - the short answer is that you can blow it up however much you want!  Think of it this way - those Apple "shot on an iPhone 6" billboards you've seen are blown up too 100 feet wide.  The reason they look good is because you're standing so far back from them.  

What people tend to do when confronted with large photographs is to stand far back so they can see the whole view.  It is true that the more you blow up your image, the more it "breaks down" and becomes pixelated, but the viewers stand further back, which negates the breakdown.

That said, we tend to print at 200dpi at the lowest and as a general rule of thumb, we can double the size of the photo (or print at 100dpi) with "no" big loss in quality.  That can be used as a general guideline.

do you print editions?

Yes, we do.  If a client is interested in using Brooklyn Archival to print all of the prints in an edition, we will discuss a reduced cost and plan for the printing.

But won't the prints look different if we print them at different times?

Luckily, no!  The amazing thing about these Giclee printers is that they are calibrated to print the same print on the same paper, exactly the same every time, no matter when you print.  

Do you give discounts?

Yes, our discounts are based on the quantity of the order.  They are built into our cost estimation structure.  Please refer to our Cost Calculator page to see how much of a discount you receive when printing different quantities.

I have a painting I want to print/ I have negatives I want to print/ I have a print I want to make a copy of.  can you print this somehow?

Yes.  The first stage is to digitize the painting, negative or print.  We have partnered with a fabulous company called Dijifi here in Brooklyn.  Once they have helped you, we can seamlessly get your digital files transferred to paper.  Check them out here: Dijifi.com

are you printers archival?

Yes, the printers we use are completely archival, as well as all the papers we use.  Which means, under safe conditions, the prints will last for over 200 years!